Is It Safe To Return To Your Serviced Office?

Updated: May 22

As you return to office, what is safe? How do you help dispersed employees understand reentry protocols for coworking or serviced offices?

Is every location disinfected and managed in the same manner because it is operated by the same flexible office provider? No. Serviced office providers have locations with different landlords and property management companies. While cleaning or social distancing protocols may be global policies, each building has protocols unique to their physical space, local mandates, etc. Rarely can the serviced office provider control the building’s common entries, reception, and elevators.

As stay at home orders are lifted, our clients have asked us for our guidance in navigating this process. We’ve created the below pdf survey as a free, easy tool for our clients to gather necessary health and safety information. As a complimentary service, we can help YOU reach out to your entire serviced office portfolio. Understanding each center’s COVID19 protocols are vital to the success of your staff returning to the office.

COVID19 Center Prevention Measures and R
Download • 109KB

Contact us and we can help you reach out to your serviced office providers so that you can make the best and most informed decisions for returning to the office.


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